Learning Activity

The learning activity proposed for the final project is a video loop presentation that will be created and displayed by students. The topic of the activity is “Academic Inspirations” and the content and purpose of the video is to inspire students academically via the visual presentation. This topic is important because it will help to motivate and encourage students academically. Presently this type of video topic does not exist, so creating this content of academic inspirations will fulfill a specific need on campus. Just as tutoring helps students with homework, it is the goal of the video, to help students think positive thoughts about their academics.

The video will be displayed continuously on a TV monitor screen in the Academic Affairs office, which will be viewed by students, faculty and staff. The video can be displayed in other locations, such as the college’s cafeteria and the various lounge areas throughout the campus. Additionally, since the equipment does not exist in the Academic Affairs office, the students will be responsible for the technology and hardware installation. It is expected that the learning outcomes of this activity will be collaboration, problem solving, creative and resourceful thinking and the ability to work within a group.

The technology that would be integrated into this activity would include the creation of a video that will be displayed on the television monitor screens throughout campus. Additionally, various video presentations (i.e. YouTube) would be analyzed to determine the effectiveness and to gather ideas for the creation of the academic inspirational video presentation. Students will use the necessary tools to link and create the video presentation, such as Storyboard software. The use of this technology will help support the teaching and learning because both the students and the instructor will learn how to create a video presentation. Additionally this use of technology will play a huge role in the level of engagement and motivation.
The learning activity will take place in a college classroom, as part of an assignment in the First Year Experience course, a required course for all incoming new students and often assisted by a student in the class. The course is also taught by faculty and staff members. The course is not offered online and this learning activity is best suited for the face to face classroom setting which will generate open and continuous dialogue. The students will meet twice a week in the assigned classroom, for a total of 1 hour and forty minutes per week. Some of the communication will take place via the students’ electronic mail, or other social media forms of communication, if necessary.

The learning activity will involve the following:
1) A 32” flat screen TV – students will research and purchase and arrange the mounting of the TV in the Academic Affairs office.
2) Additional hardware items necessary for the video presentation – adapters, etc. – students will research and purchase these items as well.
3) Cable / Electric connection – students will determine how and to install the TV – students will work with the necessary college departments and cable company so the TV works.
4) Creation of Video Presentation – students will create the video including dialogue, filming, screenwriting, actors, etc. all that is necessary to prepare a video.
5) Video Presentation – once students prepare the video, students will determine and decide how the presentation is viewed on the TV – i.e. what type of technology is required to make the video display on a “loop”.
6) Marketing and Permission of Video – Students will seek approval from the necessary departments to make certain the video’s content meets the college’s requirements.
7) Video Presentation in other areas of the college – students will determine where and how to achieve video presentation throughout the college and seek approval.
8) Financial Cost Analysis – students will create a budget; determine the costs involved to implement the project.
The activity is important because the students will be creating something that will be used and viewed by their peers, making the activity relevant and more personal to their lives. The learning outcomes with this activity will include: teamwork, project implementation, an overall understanding of the general requirements to complete a complex project, collaboration, problem solving, creative and resourceful thinking and the ability to work within a group.
Students will learn how to collaborate, work together, listen to ideas, communicate and work effectively within a group. The students will also learn how to implement a project from beginning to end. For example, how to organize, outline and assign tasks that need to be done in order to complete a project by a specified deadline. This learning activity will require imagination and innovation and resourceful thinking to create the video presentation loop.
This learning activity, although in its proposal stages, is new and different. Upon completion of the video presentation loop, the student’s will gain satisfaction in knowing that they have completed a project that will benefit fellow students, because it is academically inspirational. Additionally it will be rewarding for the students to see their video on the television monitors throughout campus. With approval from the Dean of the college, it will be exciting to see how this activity plays out and if the students via collaboration are engaged and the learning outcomes are met. The learning activity is “real-life” based and it is hopeful that it will be approved for an actual assignment in the college classroom.
Interesting YouTube Video about collaborative learning:

Culatta, R. (2013, January 10). Reimagining learning: Richard Culatta at TEDxBeaconStreet.   TEDxBeaconStreet. Podcast retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0uAuonMXrg




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