EDU 505

The course I am taking is called “The Future of Learning” and is entirely on line via Post University.  On a daily basis I log on to my on line course’s learning management system called blackboard.  On this website we communicate with our professor and classmates via discussions posts.  Additionally, I submit my homework assignments such as papers on specific topics, presentations via Prezi, etc.

Reflection:  As this masters program moves along, I am learning more and more about higher education in our country.  Where we have been in the past and where we are going for the future.   Technology such as the world wide web has made an incredible impact on our lives.  As I read more and more about trends that may affect the future of education, two are particularly apparent to me and my vision:  on line learning and technology in the classroom.

With these links you can learn more about my Future Vision of Education Case Study.

I have provided links to these various assignments for your review.

Becker College: “Be The Change”

Becker College: “Be The Change” (Prezi)  

Literature Review

Futuring Technique

The Future of Learning (Prezi)

Be the Change



Future Vision of Education Case Study



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